META is a Greek word that means” beyond; self; after or adjacent. It refers to something that REFERS TO ITSELF so, much like a documentary about documentaries, this site contains not only information about information; It contains INFORMATION ABOUT US. 



Why do I think the META Approach is so important?

*At the core, we are more alike than different yet so many feel different, isolated and alone

*The fact is that Life and BEing  is really simple but we insist on complicating it

*We all know what to do, for example,”eat right and exercise”.

*Knowing what do do is not the issue.; The real problem is that we don’t do it

*The real obstacles to health and happiness lie not in the outside world but within us



What is the META Method?

The META-Method is a Way of Living that organically evolved out of my own 26-year quest for peace.  I was seeking to be WHOLE and that meant not only having a healthy body but also knowing how to control my thoughts and navigate emotional situations with grace and ease. I wanted to be truly confident in my ability to create my own life. Understanding all the aspects of myself; my mental, emotional and physical  bodies as my Spiritual Essence and Purpose in Life provided a solid foundation of core values and beliefs upon which a fulfilling life could be built. Along the way I realized that not only was this something I could “do” but something that I AM destined to Be… and so are you!




The META-Technique is based upon the reduction of everything to its most fundamental form which is energy. Everything is energy and there is only one energy. IT moves in certain ways and we can’t always see it but we CAN see the results of ITS force. These dynamics can be applied to all forms of energy including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.


  • META-Technique: Master of Your Self
    • Learning to Navigate Thought and Emotional Energies
      • Me-MOTIONSWhen I first started my quest, all I wanted was t be happy. What I REALLY wanted was to to be able to control my environment but I knew I must first be able to control mySelf. The hardest thing any; of us ever have to do (thus the label in some works of The Greatest Personal Challenge) is to take control of our thoughts and navigate our emotions. Over the years, I’ve learned how to integrate my mental and emotional energies and I love lovingly refer them as my Me-Motions Learning to think what I want and feel what I want has allowed me to realize that I have the power to co-create  our experience of life.
    • Components that Support a Fulfilling Life:
        • Spiritual Connection
        • Fulfilling Relationships
        • A Healthy, Vital Body
        • Purposeful Work that Brings


  • META-Physique : Master Your Environment
    • Building upon the fundamental concepts of energy, we now apply them to the vital areas of our lives that, when nurtured, support a life of  adventure, meaning and fulfillment. Using the 3 components of fitness to exercise not only your physical body but  also your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies at the same time creates much more rapid results that are life-changing as well as life-long. This includes building Me-Motional:
      • Strength
      • Flexibility
      • Endurance




As we rediscover the wholeness within our Selves, we become able to truly BE in relationship with one another and only then do we stand on the threshold of a world of Oneness, Peace and Love.

  • META-Mystique : Be Light for the World
    • Developing our Personal Relationship with The Divine
    • Everything You Need IS You


  • META-Morphosis : Becoming Masters
    • Integrative Life Coaching Model
    • Energy Dynamics & Universal Law
    • Re-Writing Underlying Belief Systems
    • Spirituality & Healing